I was born in Granada (Spain) and graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada in 2003, followed by a post-graduate Master's in Paediatrics in 2005 (Thesis: Reanimation of the newborn). I have spent several years studying and working in Germany. I was trained in Paediatrics and Neonatology at Kaiserswerther Diakonie Düsseldorf as well as Vestische Kinder- und Jugendklinik Datteln and worked as an attending at the department of Paediatrics at Klinikum Dortmund.

In 2009, I finished my residency as a paediatrician and did special training in Neonatology. In the meantime, I was also working at the department of Paediatric Cardiology. In cooperation with the "Forschungsinstitut für Kinderernährung" in Dortmund (FKE), I worked on my doctoral thesis "Effects of (LC-) PUFA supply via complementary food on infants, visual and cognitive development – Results of the double-blinded, randomized controlled trial PINGU".

In 2015, I returned to Spain with my family. Since then I have been offering paediatric care at different locations in Marbella (Clinica Ochoa, Clinica del Mar, Marbella High Care). I am now the paediatric and neonatology specialist at German Clinic and the person in charge of answering medical questions at different schools and nurseries in Marbella.

As a mother-of-three, I have gained a lot of additional experience concerning child care.  Besides treating my small patients when they are sick, I am in favour of preventive examinations throughout childhood and youth. In this way, some problems can be caught and treated early. Should it be necessary to consult any other specialist at German Clinic, there is easy access to our doctors.

I regularly attend paediatric workshops as an invited speaker or consultant. I am a member of both the Spanish and German Association of Paediatrics.

I am fluent in Spanish, German, English and Greek.