General Medicine

Dr. Ali Bakhshandeh


Prevention is increasingly becoming an essential part of modern medicine. This is because many diseases can be detected early before they have the chance to cause significant damage to our bodies.

As a specialist in general and family medicine, my work centres on the initial assessment of symptoms and the treatment of diseases, as well as offering advice and referring patients to specialists at the German Clinic Marbella and elsewhere. In addition, I offer home visits, during which I can carry out most types of examinations and treatments, such as an ECG.

Other services include the administration of injections and intravenous treatments, as well as conventional and specialised diagnostics and genetic testing in collaboration with reputable laboratories. I also perform annual check-ups consisting of a physical examination, blood and urine tests and an ECG. What’s more, I offer inhalation therapies in my practice.

Another important factor, in my opinion, is the psychological state of the patient. I firmly believe that people should always be considered as the union of body and soul.

My greatest commitment is always to ensure the health and well-being of everyone. If you need medical help, I am here for you either at the German Clinic Marbella or in your home.