Dr. Rocío Estella


I am a medical specialist trained in Germany in paediatric and adolescent medicine as well as in neonatology (expertise in the pathology and physiology of newborns).

The outpatient treatment of newborns, children and adolescents is carried out in my practice at the German Clinic Marbella. I also perform ultrasound examinations, cardiological examinations and vaccinations (also for adults). In urgent cases requiring immediate action, I do home visits.

In addition to treatment during the acute phase of the disease, I care for and give special importance to the diagnosis and early detection of any anomaly. For this purpose, I carry out preventive examinations on children and adolescents at the German Clinic Marbella in accordance with current European health standards.

Other fields of expertise include nutritional counselling, breastfeeding and the promotion of health in children and adolescents.

Since 2011 I have been working closely with the Institute for Child Nutrition in Dortmund (Germany). My doctoral thesis is dedicated to this topic. A healthy and balanced diet promotes the well-being of our children and is also a very important component in the prevention of many diseases.

What’s more, I offer pre-vacation medical advice and courses in first aid, among others.