Tobi Sömmer


As a certified physiotherapist in Germany, I offer the following services at German Clinic Marbella:

  • Individual physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Osteopathy techniques
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Fascia treatment
  • Kinesiotape
  • Coordination training
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Personal training with performance diagnostic
  • The "fit without gym" training concept
  • Creation of a training plan
  • Fascia roll training
  • Outpatient rehabilitation concept after operations
  • Home visits on request

My specialties are orthopaedic medicine, sports medicine treatments, as well as wellness and relaxation therapies. I also practise so-called fascia training therapy. With this treatment method, the muscle contracture points are loosened and relaxed in the body, which is especially important for relieving pain and maintaining mobility, as well as for maintaining good posture and avoiding back discomfort - so common, for example, among golfers.

In addition to individual therapies, I work closely with our traumatologist Dr Ignatios Chatziandreou. As a result, at German Clinic Marbella, we provide optimal post-operative care for each patient through an individual treatment and rehabilitation programme.